dear goddess of all things lost,

yes, it’s me, Melissa Jolie Eider, writing you once again…for you see…i have misplaced something yet again.

it’s lost…doubtful it was stolen…you see…it was of no value to anyone else. i dont possess anything anyone else would consider valueable.

it’s misplaced and, perhaps, while i was unconscious, it was separated from me…

but i have so lil left, i thought, maybe…if you’re not to busy…you could find the time to return it to me.

it was in my bedside drawer…in a tiny sock (an orphan sock that belonged to my daughter…you might remember…i wrote to you about that last summer when its mate went missing too).

when they placed me here (well in the other rooms) i was asked to remove my jewelry and so i did…and having no one in my life to lay claim to me or my belongings…i placed my earrings, and a small assortment of decorative bands into Lilly’s sock.

having the sock…touching the sock was my only way of touching my daughter…

for a long while i would often pull the sock from the drawer, dump it’s contents and hold that lonely sock up to my cheek for comfort.

ok…sounds ridiculous…but it, along with a billion and one sweet memories were among my only most cherished possessions.

when i was moved to the new room…the sock, the earrings and rings and the envelope i had placed them in disappeared.

they will be moving me soon to i dont know where. i have all my belongings laying upon my bed. 4 (soon to be 5) picture printouts. 1 hairbrush, 1 hair tie, 1 toothbrush a checkbook and honda keys (to a vehicle i’m not sure where it is either…but that’s another letter)

my only claims in this world…

i would be nice if you could help the aides miraculously find that missing sock and jewelry.

as you know, i have lost many pieces of jewelry over the years in my haste to escape the walk of shame (and in my effort to meet my 5 AM deadline)…there have only been a couple items i wished returned

Lilly’s lone sock and my grandmother’s locket. of all things lost…those are the ones i can safely say were mine and i deserved their return.

yes…having a piece of someone is really worth that much to me!!!